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We are dedicated to providing quality educational materials at no cost as part of our mission to educate students about our Pilgrim forefathers.

Plymouth Namesakes: word search word sudoku, maze, coloring page.  Download handout.

Explorer Time Line (1000's to 1800) Download handout.

Prior Junior PA newsletters can be found below.

Junior PA Newsletters

2007 Spring Edition

Mayflower Goes Home 1621

2007 Winter Edition

Massasoit and Winslow

2007 Fall Edition

Thar She Blows

2008 Spring Edition

Dissenters Flee

2008 Summer Edition

More Richard S'Mores

2008 Fall Edition

George Soule

2008 Winter Edition

Delano Phillip Missed the Mayflower

2009 Summer Edition

Women on the Mayflower

2009 Fall Edition

Plymouth Namesakes

2009 Winter Edition

Pilgrim 400 Anniversary

2010 Spring Edition

Wife Boats who Came Later

2010 Summer Edition

Governor Bradford Marries

2010 Fall edition

Corn and the Pilgrim

2010 Winter Edition

Degory Priest

2011 Spring Edition

Francis Cooke

2011 Summer Edition

Thomas Rogers Greyn Leiden Weaver