Featured Authors

Enjoy various articles and essays from SMDPA members who have contributed their writings and/or author friends of SMDPA.

Sue Allan

     Pilgrim's Progress at Scrooby Village

Jeremy D. Bangs, PhD

     The Composer John Coprario, Pilgrim in Leiden?

     The Untold Story:  A Review of "Desperate Crossing"

     Theocracy in New England

     1621:  A Historian Looks Anew at Thanksgiving

     The Deluge

     A Level Look at Land Allotments, 1623

     A Survey of my 2020 Books 1620-2020

Peter Dustin

     A Journey: Stories in the "Stones of Time"?

     There is a Stone in My Shoe

     What It Means

Robert Jennings Heinsohn, PhD

     Robert E. Lee, Zachary Taylor and Isaac Allerton

     Pilgrim Clothing

     Isaac Allerton Facts

     The Pilgrims Gave Us More Than Thanksgiving

     Comparing Plymouth and Jamestown

     The Wright Brothers and William Brewster

     Pilgrims and Wampanoag: The Prudence of Bradford and Massasoit

     The Pilgrims Contribution to America

     Pilgrims and Puritans in 17th Century New England

     Reflection on the Mayflower Compact after 400 Years

David H. Hunt

     Philately and the Mayflower

John M. Hunt, Jr

     Honoring Nathaniel Philbrick, Author of "Mayflower"

     Nathanial Philbrick on William Bradford: Impromptu

Stacy B. Wood, Jr.

     After the First Thanksgiving

     Forefather's Day

     Delays Have Dangerous Ends

     Hymns, Odes and Songs to Pilgrims and The Mayflower

     Natural Disasters Hit New Plymouth

     Marriage Pilgrim Style

     Pilgrims on Stamps

     Pilgrims Celebrated on Coins, Money and Medals

     Mayflower Namesakes