Mayflower and Me K-12 Curriculum



I am living an educators dream, a mother’s hope for her daughter, and a personal pursuit of passion.

After writing my thesis on the Myths and Misconceptions of the Pilgrim Story, the transition from what had been a written document to the implementation of a K-12 curriculum became reality.

On September 6, 2008 in Plymouth Massachusetts, in front of over 675 delegates from the United States, Canada and England. My K-12, “Mayflower and Me”, Curriculum was introduced nationally. The reception was one of, “it is about time” to “everyone needs to have one”.

This story is deeper than 102 saints and strangers crossing the Atlantic that gave us our mythological Thanksgiving Story of today, it is a story of faith, forgiveness, religious diversity, cultural differences, historic cornerstones, mathematical calculations, journal writings, scientific weather conditions, self motivational decisions and consequences…. This is a story that is everyone’s duty to learn and pass on today, tomorrow and perpetually.

The Mayflower and Me K-12 curriculum is a MUST for all educators, schools and organizations throughout the world, a MUST for adventurers searching myths and misconceptions in history, a waste if not utilized and passed on.

Details (Newly Revised 2012)

Mayflower and Me K-12 Curriculum

Complete with: 

  • Pilgrim DVD (1600 to 1621)

  • Contemporary Pilgrim DVD

  • Up to Date Information

  • State Standards released throughout the first year

  • Complete lesson plans for all grade levels K-12

  • F2F-classroom, Online and Hybrid lesson plans

  • Most materials needed included

  • References and Additional Readings

  • Words to Remember (Vocabulary List)

  • Ease of use and Support

  • Contributors of pictures include Sue Allan and Roger T. Vorhauer, Jeremy D. Bangs, PhD,

  • Education Department of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plimoth Plantation and Debra G-Miller

Proceeds benefit the SMDPA's Plimoth Plantation classroom visits. $20.00 plus 5.00 S&H

Why a K-12 Curriculum based on “Mayflower and Me”?

The intent of this K-12 curriculum project, “Mayflower and Me,” is to develop one special curriculum on the “Pilgrim Story,” and offer it through the Education Committee of The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (SMDPA).

What is meant by “Special” is something that is a “pure,” “true,” and “factual” story. It is a story that is exempt from myths and misconceptions.

Portions of “Mayflower and Me” K-12 curriculum will be available through the Education Committee, and here at All who are interested in learning or contributing to the wave of truth and prosperity sweeping throughout our SMDPA, are encouraged to continue to participate.



Pilgrim Program: Mayflower and Me
It is strongly encouraged that all educators view and review “The Pilgrim Video.” It is recommended that all levels (K-4, 5-8 and 9-12) of students view “The Pilgrim Video” as a prerequisite to all lessons.

Note: If you feel the DVD is too advanced for your classroom, there are several picture books listed in the reference section, which can be used as teacher tools, along with “The Pilgrim Video.” (Example: “The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving” by Ann McGovern). Other suggestions for reading to K-4 are (*) on the reference page at the end of this introduction.

Contemporary Pilgrim Program: Mayflower and Me, Journey Across the Seas
This DVD is a present-day view of the Mayflower and Pilgrim story. The contents of this video are based on the travels of Mayflower descendants, Joan, Don and Debra Miller along with the General Society Historic Sites Committee Chairperson Barbara Williams, and 37 others, for a total of 41 people who traveled in September 2007 across the Atlantic to England and across the North Sea to The Netherlands to research our Mayflower and Pilgrim legacy. This DVD takes a widespread view of the period of time (late 1500’s to the early 1600’s) and what was going on while the Separatist were struggling for religious freedom and making plans to journey to the New World in 1620. The DVD also addresses the dedication to Henry Samson (Mayflower passenger) in Henlow, England where he was baptized on January 15, 1604, William Shakespeare and the Globe Theater, Rembrandt’s Life in Amsterdam, and much more. An individual is missing the joys of life if he does not know his past.

What subjects will be covered throughout the “Mayflower and Me” K-12 curriculum:

  • History

  • Colonial History

  • Geography

  • Art

  • English

  • Early American History

  • Drama

  • Computer skills

  • Multicultural Studies

  • Health

  • Government

  • Economics

  • Science

Levels of “Mayflower and Me’ K-12 curriculum:

K-4 (Peaches the Pilgrim Pup)
5-8 (“The Mayflower and Me” in Your School)
9-12 (The myths and misconceptions surrounding the Pilgrim and Thanksgiving story)

Note: The purpose of this curriculum is not only to embrace and understand the diverse past of the Pilgrims (Separatist) but also to learn about men and women who were a part of this great journey, which continues today. We cannot forget the roles of the monarchs, the ships’ captain and his crew, the merchant adventurers, the Separatists left behind, the role of their religious faith and convictions, and by all means we cannot forget the roles the Native Americans have played in this story and continue to play a part in today’s society.

About the creator of “Mayflower and Me” K-12 curriculum:

  • Historical Adviser/Speaker

  • Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

  • BS in Police Science/Business

  • AA in Psychology/Sociology

  • Certified Teacher

  • Certified Special Education Teacher

  • Education Chair of the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred

  • Education Committee member SMDPA-Actively involved with the Plimoth Plantation Visits to Schools

  • Past Assistant Governor Susquehanna Colony, PA

  • Past Secretary/Archivist Susquehanna Colony, PA

  • Written and edited several articles for SMDPA Newsletter, PHSK Spirit, and the General Society Quarterly

  • Directly related to 10 Pilgrims and counting

  • GSMD Juniors Chair

  • Author of 22 GSMD Mayflower Compact Signers Booklets

  • Author of Time-Line book, "From the Seeds of Cambridge, England to the Planting of a Colony"


Content Editors: Stacy B.C. Wood, Jr., past Governor of the SMDPA and author of numerous articles, John M. Hunt, Jr., PhD, Director of Graduate studies and coordinator of Classics Program at Villanova University, Villanova, PA, Editor of the SMDPA award winning quarterly newsletter; Joan C. Miller, past SMDPA Education Chair, Governor, Susquehanna Colony, (SMDPA), Governor PHSK and author of numerous articles; Mary King, Historian-Archivist of the Susquehanna Colony; David H. Hunt, Jr. past Governor of the Susquehanna Colony, Assistant Treasurer SMDPA; Arthur E. Chapman, PhD, Education Chair for the General Society of Mayflower Descendants; John R. Howland, Historian-Archivist of the Pilgrim John Howland Society, and Captain of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Maine; Jeremy D. Bangs, PhD, author of numerous articles and publications, of which many can be viewed on

Writer Editors: Sue Allan and Roger T. Vorhauer, author and co-author of “The Mayflower Maid” the first of 3 historical novels.

Educational Editors: Wendy Frey teacher within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Robert J. Heinsohn, PhD, retired Penn State Professor

Web Editor: Joseph H. Wood, web master of the award-winning website

Technology and Video Editor: Joshua Hummel, student at Penn State, majoring in Sound Design and Technology. Spiritual Contributor: Pastor Dennis A. Hummel, Yorkshire Methodist Church, York Pa. Much of my inspiration has come not only from my past religious teachings of my mother Joan Miller and my father Don Miller, but also from the numerous motivational and stimulating sermons of Rev. Hummel.

Thank you to all who contributed in capacities too abundant to list.
“My hope after completing this curriculum is to contribute and pass along the philosophy of not holding onto to ones knowledge for oneself, but rather spreading what we know and learning what we do not know. If we do this, an educational transformation will spread to those hands that are closed from those whose hands that are open.” 
-- Debra G. Miller


During the process of collecting and writing the “Mayflower and Me K-12 Curriculum” (MAM), many editors, educators, professionals, and reviewers contributed feedback. Some suggested deletions while others suggested additions to the curriculum. To follow are some comments before the curriculum was published and distributed nationally. I intentionally set the curriculum in a three ring binder, not only for ease of use but for future add-ons or deletions as suggested by you and approved by the Education Committee. So please feel free to contact us with any recommendations.

Dr. Robert J. Heinsohn: “The educational materials are very good and tell the story with accuracy and balance”.

Stacy B.C. Wood, Jr.: “I have never looked at a curriculum before and hadn’t realized what an undertaking writing one was, especially if you want it to apply to various grade levels! It looks like you have a fine one here”.

Dr. Arthur E. Chapman: “Took some time to review this as I am so proud of you that I wanted to share what you are doing with the board which met in Orlando. Great Work”.

John R. Howland: “A must for all schools in the United States K-12 grades”.

Sue Allan and Roger Vorhauer: “Apart from the minor points I will mention shortly, we find this teaching pack truly inspirational. At a time when the story of the Pilgrim Fathers has been ‘Disneyfied’ and sanitized out of all recognition and in the process often rendered as dull as ditchwater, this package embodies just the approach that is so desperately needed, not only to engage teachers and our young people alike with these important events in history but also to help them appreciate the enormity of the endeavor embarked upon by the Mayflower Pilgrims and the courage and suffering of this extraordinary band of people in the rightful pursuit of their beliefs”.

Mary King: “You’ve done a tremendous job! This is amazing, and I wish I could have had the opportunity to learn this way.”

Click here to download this introduction to Mayflower and Me as a PDF document.