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The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (SMDPA) was organized in 1896 by two Philadelphians, Francis Olcott Allen and Edward Clinton Lee, who were members of the New York Society. The charter was issued on 14 October 1896.

Although its governing Board of Assistants has been based historically in the Greater Philadelphia area, the Society has two Colonies. The Susquehanna Colony is located in Central Pennsylvania in the greater Harrisburg area and the Western Colony is located in Western Pennsylvania in the greater Pittsburgh area. Members are invited to participate in the State and Colony levels or merely through our award-winning quarterly newsletter, The Pennsylvania Mayflower.

From the Governor's Desk - 11/21/2019

To our loyal members and cousins,

We have a great deal to be thankful for as we wrap up 2019 and look forward to the 400-year anniversary of the November 11, 2020 landing in Plymouth.  Our colonies have just hosted their fall events and did so productively. Hats off to them!

The Society’s Thanksgiving service at the Old First Reformed Church in Philly will be followed by dinner and a small program at the Wyndham.  Our scholarship winner will present the winning essay and we will celebrate the Distinguished Pilgrim award winner for 2018.

2020 holds many events to honor our mutual ancestry starting on New Year’s Day and a Rose Bowl Parade float, don’t miss it on television.  We will be hosting and sponsoring more gatherings for the memory and education of our membership and the general public.

Please keep an eye on our website and newsletter for more details.  Note - the website contains a listing of known 2020 celebration activities from around the US.

The Board of Assistants has authorized the engagement of three Plymouth Plantation reenactors for 2020. There will be one for each colony and one for the main society. The reenactors are special people that visit our schools and will be participating with us to foster the spirit of our society. They are 100% in character, knowledgeable and true promoters of our shared past.

I am personally grateful for the dedication and hard work by our members, committees and Board of Assistants.  It is amazing the commitment and sacrifice that goes into running our growing 800+ membership.

As you enjoy your time at Thanksgiving, sharing a meal, let’s keep our ancestors in our prayers. They endured and demonstrated such courage, allowing us to now enjoy our modern comforts and healthier life styles.

Thanks again to all and may God bless our efforts and thriving Society!


Governor, Reed Kneale

[email protected]


Upcoming Events

Feb 29

Board of Assistants (BOA) Meeting

SMDPA BOA Officers Meeting

Apr 18

SMDPA Annual Meeting

Please join us for our annual business meeting with luncheon to follow.


May 9

Training and Inservice Session (TIS)

Training and Inservice Session (TIS)


Sep 17

General Society Mayflower Decendants (GSMD) Board of Assistants (BOA) Meeting

Gathering of GSMD state society officers - Historic 400th Anniversary