Ancestral Pilgrim Homes

By Helen H. Woodroofe

Are you planning on traveling to England this summer? If so, this is a list of where some of our Pilgrim ancestors lived.


ISAAC ALLERTON was a tailor in London before going to Leyden. An Allerton family is in the records of St. Andrew Undershaft.

EDWARD DOTY, said to have married Wynifoyd Warynor, 12 December 1613, at St. Mary-le-Strand.

ELIZABETH FISHER, the second wife of STEPHEN HOPKINS. They were married 19 February 1617/18 at St. Mary Matfellon [White Chapel].

DEGORY PRIEST was a hatter. He married Mrs. Sarah (Allerton) Vincent at Leyden in 1611.

THOMAS ROGERS was a taxpayer in the parish of St. Bartholomew-the-Great in Smithfield, London.

JOHN TILLEY, a silk maker. He may have married Elizabeth Comyngs, 2 February 1605, at St. Andrew's, Undershaft, London. Other sources say he married JOAN HURST of Henlow, Bedfordshire.

RICHARD WARREN, a merchant. He married Elizabeth March in London, ca. 1605.


HENRY SAMSON was baptized 15 January 1603/4 at Henlow.

ELIZABETH TILLEY was baptized 30 August 1607 at Henlow.


FRANCIS EATON was a carpenter and shipwright, presumably from Bristol.


JAMES CHILTON was a tailor in Canterbury, three of his children were baptized in the parish of St. Martin. There were also Chilton's baptized at St. Peter's, Sandwich.

MOSES FLETCHER was from the parish of St. Peter's in Sandwich. He was a smith.


WILLIAM MULLINS was a shopkeeper in Dorking. He was from Stoke, near Guildford, 10 miles from Dorking.


JOHN ALDEN was a cooper, possible in Harwich. IT has been said that he was related by marriage to Captain Christopher Jones of the Mayflower, who hired him in Southampton. There were Aldens in Southampton at this time.

PETER BROWN was from Great Burstead.


DOROTHY MAY the wife of WILLIAM BRADFORD may have been from Wisbech.


JOHN HOWLAND was from near Fen Stanton. He was said to have been baptized 16 January 1602/3 at Holy Trinity, Ely.


JOHN BILLINGTON, though he and his wife were said to be from London, the family probably originated in Spaulding, Lincolnshire.


EDWARD FULLER of Redenhall, Harleston Parish. He was baptized at St. Mary's, 4 September 1575.

SAMUEL FULLER, his brother, was baptized at St. Mary's, 20 January 1580.


WILLIAM BREWSTER was from Scrooby. his father was rector of Sutton-cum-Lownd, where he was born. the manor house where they lived in Scrooby is now a farm. He married at Scrooby in 1591 [?] Mary Wentworth.

FRANCIS COOKE of Blyth was a wool-comber. He married at Leyden, 9 June 1603, HESTER MAHIEU, a Walloon, who may have come from Canterbury.

WILLIAM WHITE, who may have been from Sturton-le-Steeple, was a wool-carder. He married SUSANNA FULLER at Leyden in 1612.


WILLIAM BRADFORD was baptized 19 March 1589/90 in Austerfield. The old manor-house of the Bradfords still exists. The old Norman church, St. Helena has a memorial to Bradford. He was a fustian-maker.

MYLES STANDISH is believed to have been born at Duxbury Hall, Chorley, however the parish record of his birth is missing. He is also thought to be identified with the Isle of Man.


RICHARD MORE was baptized at Shipton on 13 November 1614. He was one of the four More children placed on the Mayflower in the care of several families. The parish register of Shipton lists them as the children of Samuel and Catherine (More) More.


GEORGE SOLE was from Eckington.

EDWARD WINSLOW was baptied 19 October 1595 at St. Peter's Church, Droitwich, where a bronze tablet was placed in his memory during WWII. He is said to have been born in Careswell, near Worcester.


STEPHEN HOPKINS of Woodon-under-Edge, said to have been born 29 October 1581.