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The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (SMDPA) was organized in 1896 by two Philadelphians, Francis Olcott Allen and Edward Clinton Lee, who were members of the New York Society. The charter was issued on 14 October 1896.

Although its governing Board of Assistants has been based historically in the Greater Philadelphia area, the Society has two Colonies. The Susquehanna Colony is located in Central Pennsylvania in the greater Harrisburg area and the Western Colony is located in Western Pennsylvania in the greater Pittsburgh area. Members are invited to participate in the State and Colony levels or merely through our award-winning quarterly newsletter, The Pennsylvania Mayflower.

From the Governor's Desk - 3/4/2019

To our loyal members,

With Spring on our doorstep and the ground hog blessings, 2019 is off and running.

We are about to switch our website over to Star Chapter. It promises to offer better service to all members…stay tuned. www.sail1620.org

Thanks to all that have paid your dues timely! If you have missed our invoice, please contact us. If you have procrastinated, please take the time to mail your remittance.

We are looking forward to our annual meeting April 27th at the Desmond Hotel in Malvern, PA with Caleb Johnson as our speaker.  Caleb promises to share new discoveries that he has developed with Sue Allen in our meeting.

Our 400 year anniversary in 2020 looms. Feel free to offer ideas for celebration and be prepared to participate in the events.

The nominating committee (led by Joan Miller) is in full swing making phone calls and helping to create a slate for our annual meeting. Please contact her if you are interested in contributing, we have open positions as part of the natural turnover on groups. Since everyone is a volunteer, it is amazing how much work is accomplished!

General Society is active with many events and causes. A Rose Bowl float is planned for January 1st 2020 and you can participate in a once in a lifetime event. The renovation of the “Meeting House” now includes ownership rights. They are combining all of their data bases to make it easier for new members to join.

Thanks for your support!

Acting Governor Reed Kneale


Upcoming Events

Jun 2

Haverford Heritage Festival

SMDPA will be participating in the 13th Annual Haverford Historical Society's 2019 Heritage Festival

Sep 6

General Society of Mayflower Descendants (BOA) Mtg

Gathering of GSMD state society officers

Sep 21

Board of Assistants (BOA) Meeting

SMDPA BOA Officers Meeting