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The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (SMDPA) was organized in 1896 by two Philadelphians, Francis Olcott Allen and Edward Clinton Lee, who were members of the New York Society. The charter was issued on 14 October 1896.

Although its governing Board of Assistants has been based historically in the Greater Philadelphia area, the Society has two Colonies. The Susquehanna Colony is located in Central Pennsylvania in the greater Harrisburg area and the Western Colony is located in Western Pennsylvania in the greater Pittsburgh area. Members are invited to participate in the State and Colony levels or merely through our award-winning quarterly newsletter, The Pennsylvania Mayflower.

From the Governor's Desk - 05/04/2020

To our loyal members,

My sincere condolences to families of anyone lost and best wishes for recovery to those affected by this pandemic.  The virus has been troubling enough and the adjoining economic ripples make 2020 a bit of a void for events in the first half of the year.

My family celebrates my father who passed last month in Ohio of natural causes, we were blessed by his examples and leadership.

I wonder how our ancestors felt after the first winter in 1620, losing so many.  No wonder, the Thanksgiving that followed in 1621 became a more joyful step in healing and faith.

So, keeping faith when things are tough and uncertain becomes our challenge this year. Counting our blessings, remaining grateful for so much we have inherited and earned, and our faith in  God, keeps us on track. Our fellowship and society’s strength lies in our commitment to each other and our ancestors memories.

We will be updating you on possible new events and opportunities. Please check our website for more events, details and updates www.sail1620.org

Stay healthy and in touch with your family and friends!


Reed Kneale

Governor SMDPA, [email protected]


Upcoming Events

Jun 7

Haverford Heritage Festival - CANCELLED EVENT

Event has been cancelled due to Covid-19

Jun 25

Crafton Celebrates 2020 Parade - CANCELLED EVENT

Everybody loves a Parade, but nobody wants to get sick. This event is cancelled due to COVID-19. We will see you next year!

Sep 17

General Society Mayflower Decendants (GSMD) Board of Assistants (BOA) Meeting - CANCELLED EVENT

This event has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Please see GSMD website for more information.


Oct 24

Board of Assistants (BOA) Meeting

SMDPA BOA Officers Meeting