Mayflower Compact Signers 1620-2020 Anniversary Edition


"The signatories of the Mayflower Compact are often referenced collectively as mere names to be honored as having established the combination by which the political future of Plymouth Colony was secured." In the elegantly designed Mayflower Compact Signers: 1620-2020 400th Anniversary Edition, a 5.5  x 8.5 book, with 102 pages on 60lb white text paper with a color gloss laminated cover and soft cover binding, Debra Georgantis-Miller has “personalized these ancestral figures by providing biographies to establish their individual identities and, by appending genealogical links to living descendants, demonstrate the lasting heritage of the Pilgrim adventure.”*

*James W. Baker, author of Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday (2009) and Made In America: The Pilgrim Story and How It Grew (2020)

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