Date of birth: unknown Date of birth: unknown
Baptized: 4 Sep 1575 at Redenhall, County Norfolk, England Baptized: 20 Jan 1580 at Redenhall, County Norfolk, England
Marriage: name unknown, married by about 1605 Marriage: 1. Alice Glascock, 2. Agnes Carpenter, 3. Bridget Lee
Children: Two (2)
1. Matthew b. ca 1605, married Francis (_______)
2. Samuel b. ca 1608, married Jane Lothrop
Children: Four (4) first by Agnes, rest by Bridget Lee
1. Child bur. Leyden 29 Jun 1615
2. Child b. 1618-20
3. Mercy b. after 22 May 1627
4. Samuel b. abt 1629
Death: during the first winter 1620/21, Plymouth Death: Plymouth bet. 9 Aug and 26 Sep 1633
Burial Site: Pilgrim Sarcophagus, Plymouth, MA Burial Site: Unknown


St. Mary's Church, Redenhall, Norfolk, Co., England

  • Very little is known about Edward Fuller. His English origins and the name of his wife are widely disputed. No American or English records which give her have have been found.
  • Edward and Samuel Fuller were the sons of Robert Fuller and probably Sara Dunkhorn. Their father Robert was a butcher.
  • A single Leiden judicial document mentions Edward Fuller, and proves that he, like brother Samuel Fuller, were living in Leiden before they sailed on the Mayflower.
  • The first reference to Samuel Fuller in The Netherlands places him in Amsterdam.
  • Samuel Fuller was considered a leader in the Pilgrim community in Leiden.
  • Edward sailed on the Mayflower along with this wife, son Samuel and brother, Dr. Samuel Fuller. A second son, Matthew came to Plymouth sometime before 26 Oct 1640 when it was recorded that he sold land.
  • Edward was a signer of the Mayflower Compact, as was his brother, Dr. Samuel Fuller.
  • William Bradford noted in his writing that Edward Fuller and his wife died soon after they came ashore. that would have been sometime in January 1621. They were probably buried in the unmarked mound that the Pilgrims made so that the Native Americans would not know how many had died. Many of these remains were removed to the Pilgrim Sarcophagus in Plymouth, Massachusetts and it is likely that Edward and his wife's remains are among them. the marble sarcophagus now sits in a hilltop park overlooking Plymouth Harbor near a statue of Massasoit, the Indian Chief who came to the aid of the surviving Pilgrims. Edward Fuller's name is engraved on the tomb along with the names of others who died that first winter.
  • Bradford reported that Dr. Samuel Fuller was the surgeon and physician to the Pilgrims. Fuller had joined the Scrooby congregation some time before it moved to Holland in 1609. A well-educated man of considerable means.

  • The 1623 Division of Land: The lands of Samuel Fuller are among those "The Falles of their grounds which came first over in the May Floure, according as their lotes were case" and described as "these lye on the South side of the brooke."
  • The 1626 Plymouth Purchasers: Samuel Fuller was one of the 53 Plymouth Purchasers. Samuel Fuller had also been involved in the negotiations with the Merchant Adventurers that led to the more favorable contract.
  • "When the Church came away out of Holland they brougt with them one deacon Mr Samuel ffuller whoe officiated in that office amongst them vntill his death hee was a Good man and full of the holy speritt."
  • 1633: "The Names of the Freeman of the Incorporation of Plymouth in New England, An: 1633 ... Samuell Fuller, senior"
  • 1633: "It pleased the Lord to visit them this year with an infectious fever of which many fell very sick and upward of 20 persons died, men and women, besides children, and sundry of them of their ancient friends which had lived in Holland, as Thomas Blossom, Richard Masterson, with sundry others; and in the end, after he had much helped others, Samuel Fuller who was their surgeon and physician and had been a great help and comfort unto them.
  • Dr. Samuel Fuller died in 1633, one of at least 10 people in Plymouth Colony who died during a smallpox epidemic.

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