Time Keeping in 1627 Plymouth

How do you suppose Pilgrims knew what time it was? Did they have watches? How about Grandfather clocks?

Wrist watches didn't become popular until around 1916! During the 1600s, watches were carried in your pocket on a chain. Only the very wealth could afford them. Clocks also were very expensive. Watches and clocks were not very accurate time keepers anyway. They could lose half an hour a day and gain, say, ten minutes the next.

It wasn't until Galileo invented the pendulum in the 1630s and it was put on clocks in the 1650s that a clock could display fairly accurate time. "Grandfather clocks" were invented in the early 1660s.

An examination of the inventories of belongings of 14 of the Pilgrims show no clocks nor watches. There wasn't even a sundial. None of their wills include any either.

Why not? Probably because they didn't need them. They didn't have a bus to catch or a show to see on TV.

The Pilgrims could tell the time of day by the position of the sun in the sky. If there was an important gathering to get to, they would be called by a drummer.

Can you tell the time by the position of the sun in the sky like the Pilgrims did?

Galileo-pendulumGalileo pendulum and Escapement diagram.