Henry Samson

  • Tilley Family Plaque, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England1989 — Tilley Family Plaque, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England
    The Pilgrim John Howland Society dedicated a Welsh slate plaque to the John Tilley family. It reads “In memory of / JOHN and JOAN / TILLEY / of this parish / married 20 September 1596 / and their daughter / ELIZABETH / baptized 30 August 1607 / wife of / JOHN HOWLAND / all pilgrims to America / on The Mayflower / in 1620.”

    1998 — St. Mary's Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England
    John Howland's wife, Elizabeth Tilley, was baptized in this church in 1607. Members of the Pilgrim John Howland Society have supported the church with funds for its maintenance, most recently, with a donation of £1000 for a new roof. The ground floor room of the bell tower is called the “Elizabeth Tilley Room” in appreciation for that society’s contributions over the years. Pilgrim Henry Samson was also baptized here in 1604.

    2007 — Henry Samson Plaque, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England

    A plaque memorializes the baptism of Pilgrim Henry Samson in this his parish church. The plaque is of Welsh slate and is similar to the Tilley family plaque also in this church. It reads “In / memory of / HENRY SAMSON / of this parish / baptized 15 Jan 1604 / a pilgrim to America / on The Mayflower / in 1620. / ERECTED IN 2007 BY / THE PILGRIM / HENRY SAMSON / KINDRED.”



  • A brief overview of Henry Samson.

  • At Compact Day and Thanksgiving Day celebrations when we are asked to stand as the names of our Pilgrim ancestors are read from the list of Compact signers, Henry Samson is often omitted. Have you been one of the ones not invited to "rise to the occasion" and honor your Pilgrim? Why does he, Richard More, and others get left out?

  • Henry Samson, the Teenager on the MayflowerThe Separatists who came to be know as the "Pilgrims" left England in 1608 in search of religious freedom and took refuge in Holland, first in Amsterdam, then "for some 11 or 12 years" in Leiden. Their pastor in Leiden was John Robinson. In 1620, with Robinson's blessing, a portion of the congregation departed on the Speedwell and, stopping at Southamption, England, where they found the Mayflower waiting to accommodate them, set sail for the New World. Others who—like John Alden, apparently—never liked in Leiden joined them in England for the voyage across the Atlantic. Who, then, of the Mayflower passengers was in Leiden? Who was not? Can we always know with comfortable certitude?

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  • Am I a Mayflower Descendant?
    For those of you who are curious about whether or not you may be descended from a Mayflower passenger please see our List of Mayflower Passengers and Genealogies Links below. The surnames found in the first three generations after landing are also included.

  • This Website brings you information about Henry Samson of Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, who arrived in New England as a 16 year old on the ship Mayflower in 1620, his descendants, his and his wife's ancestors, sites associated with this family, their biographical history, their artifacts when discovered, memorials dedicated to them, and reports of the activities of the Samson Kindred. The same information will be provided about Abraham Samson, who was in Duxbury as early as 4 December 1638, his wives, their ancestors, and his descendants.