Isaac Allerton

  • Are you planning on traveling to England this summer? If so, this is a list of where some of our Pilgrim ancestors lived.

  • Comparing Plymouth and JamestownPilgrim families arrived in Holland in the spring of 1608 and in Plymouth in December 1620. In May 1607, 105 men arrived in Jamestown to establish the first permanent English settlement in North America. While the individuals in both settlements were English, the they were different in many important ways. To fully appreciate our Pilgrim heritage, it is important to understand the differences between Plymouth and Jamestown. This essay identifies major differences and explains how these differences affected the settlements during the first few decades of their arrival.

  • Isaac Allerton Plaque, New Haven, CT

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  • A brief overview of Isaac Allerton.

  • Isaac Allerton and TobaccoMayflowerpassenger Isaac Allerton, the first Assistant Governor or Plymouth Colony (and as such second in power only to Bradford), was an entrepreneur and "one of the busiest and most complicated men in early New England."

  • The activities of Isaac Allerton in Leiden and Plymouth are well known. Well known also are the circumstances concerning his dismissal as Plymouth's London agent. The purpose of this article is to piece together information describing his activities after he left Plymouth in 1631 until his death in 1659.

  • Of the Mayflower passengers accorded biographies in the Dictionary of American Biography, the least considered by the public at large is Isaac Allerton (ca. 1586-1659). Yet Allerton was a proper Saint (Leyden Separatist), was fifth to sign the Mayflower Compact, and in the earliest years of Plymouth Colony was second only to Bradford in rank and power.

  • Mayflower passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley were married in 1623/4. John was about thirty-one and Elizabeth was about sixteen. They spent their entire lives in Plymouth, and between them participated in every aspect of the Pilgrim experience from its beginning in Leiden up to the merger of the Bay and Plymouth colonies. This article is a retrospective summary of their lives and their contribution to Plymouth.

  • 1889 — Point Allerton, Hull, MA

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  • Am I a Mayflower Descendant?
    For those of you who are curious about whether or not you may be descended from a Mayflower passenger please see our List of Mayflower Passengers and Genealogies Links below. The surnames found in the first three generations after landing are also included.

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  • Pilgrim TradesOur Mayflower ancestors were not of “royal blood.” For the most part, they were what we now would call “middle class” people who had to work for a living. Of the 58 male passengers, both men and boys, the trades or occupations of only 32 are known.

  • Isaac Allerton and his sister Sarah were members of John Robinson's congregation in Leiden in 1609. As time passed the congregation recognized the extraordinary organizational abilities of Isaac Allerton. By the time the congregation left Holland Isaac had become one of its prominent members.

  • Robert E. Lee, Zachary Taylor and Isaac AllertonWhat do these two well-known individuals have in common with Pilgrim Isaac Allerton (1585-1659)? Answer: General Zachary Taylor is a direct descendant of Isaac Allerton, and Robert E. Lee is collaterally related to Hancock Lee, husband of Sarah Allerton (1670-1731), granddaughter of Isaac. Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States, and Robert E. Lee was the famous general of the Confederate Army in the Civil War.

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