John Tilley

  • In his history, Of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford included lists of the 1620 Mayflower passengers. Following the list of the passengers is a list recounting what had happened to them. This list is often referred to as the “decreasings” (i.e. deaths/departures) and “increasings” (i.e. births). He states that among the passengers were “Edward Tilley and his wife Ann.”

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  • Tilley Family Plaque, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England1989 — Tilley Family Plaque, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England
    The Pilgrim John Howland Society dedicated a Welsh slate plaque to the John Tilley family. It reads “In memory of / JOHN and JOAN / TILLEY / of this parish / married 20 September 1596 / and their daughter / ELIZABETH / baptized 30 August 1607 / wife of / JOHN HOWLAND / all pilgrims to America / on The Mayflower / in 1620.”

    1998 — St. Mary's Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England
    John Howland's wife, Elizabeth Tilley, was baptized in this church in 1607. Members of the Pilgrim John Howland Society have supported the church with funds for its maintenance, most recently, with a donation of £1000 for a new roof. The ground floor room of the bell tower is called the “Elizabeth Tilley Room” in appreciation for that society’s contributions over the years. Pilgrim Henry Samson was also baptized here in 1604.

    2007 — Henry Samson Plaque, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England

    A plaque memorializes the baptism of Pilgrim Henry Samson in this his parish church. The plaque is of Welsh slate and is similar to the Tilley family plaque also in this church. It reads “In / memory of / HENRY SAMSON / of this parish / baptized 15 Jan 1604 / a pilgrim to America / on The Mayflower / in 1620. / ERECTED IN 2007 BY / THE PILGRIM / HENRY SAMSON / KINDRED.”



  • A brief overview of the Tilley brothers.

  • Mayflower passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley were married in 1623/4. John was about thirty-one and Elizabeth was about sixteen. They spent their entire lives in Plymouth, and between them participated in every aspect of the Pilgrim experience from its beginning in Leiden up to the merger of the Bay and Plymouth colonies. This article is a retrospective summary of their lives and their contribution to Plymouth.

  • First Encounter Beach Stone and Plaque, Eastham, MA1920 — First Encounter Beach Stone and Plaque, Eastham, MA
    Up on a knoll at the north end of the beach is a boulder with an attached bronze plaque having a relief bust profile with helmet facing to the right (perhaps of Myles Standish) centered between scrolls at the top, that reads: ON THIS SPOT / HOSTILE INDIANS / HAD THEIR / FIRST ENCOUNTER / DECEMBER 8, 1620 / OLD STYLE / WITH / MYLES STANDISH  JOHN CARVER / WILLIAM BRADFORD  JOHN TILLEY / EDWARD WINSLOW  JOHN HOWLAND  / EDWARD TILLEY  RICHARD WARREN / STEPHEN HOPKINS  EDWARD DOTEY / JOHN ALLERTON  THOMAS ENGLISH / MASTER MATE CLARK  MASTER / GUNNER COPIN / AND THREE SAILORS / OF THE MAYFLOWER COMPANY / PROVINCETOWN TERCENTARY / 1620 COMMISSION 1920. See the 2001 entry for the more recent marker on the beach near the parking lot.

    1966 — Lt. Joseph Rogers Boulder and Plaque, Cove Cemetery, Eastham MA
    Joseph accompanied his father, Pilgrim Thomas Rogers, on the Mayflower. Placed by his Descendants.

    1966 — Constance Hopkins Snow Boulder and Plaque, Cove Cemetery, Eastham MA
    Constance, who came on the Mayflower, was a daughter of Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins. She married Nicholas Snow who came on the Anne. Placed by her Descendants.

    1966 — Giles Hopkins Boulder and Plaque, Cove Cemetery, Eastham MA
    Giles, who died in 1690, was a son of Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins. The plaque reads “GILES HOPKINS / 1607 – 1690 / MAYFLOWER PASSENGER / PLACED BY HIS DESCENDANTS / 1966”.

    2001 — First Encounter Beach Plaque, Eastham MA
    In early December 1620 while exploring the beach north of the mouth of Herring River in present Eastham on the Bay of Cape Cod to decide were to establish their settlement, "they heard a great and strange cry, which they knew to be the same voices in the night... and one of their company being abroad came running in and cried, 'Men, Indians! Indians!' And withal, their arrows came flying amongst them.' " A bronze tablet mounted on the beach reads: NEAR THIS SITE / THE NAUSET TRIBE / OF THE / WAMPANOAG NATION / SEEKING TO PROTECT THEMSELVES / AND THEIR CULTURE / HAD THEIR / FIRST ENCOUNTER / 8 DECEMBER 1620 / WITH / MYLES STANDISH, JOHN CARVER, / EDWARD WINSLOW, JOHN TILLEY, / EDWARD TILLEY, / JOHN HOWLAND, RICHARD WARREN, / STEPHEN HOPKINS, / EDWARD DOTEY, JOHN ALLERTON, / THOMAS ENGLISH, / MASTER MATE CLARK, / MASTER GUNNER COPIN, / AND THREE SAILORS / OF THE MAYFLOWER COMPANY / THIS TABLET PLACED 2001 BY THE SOCIETY OF COLONIAL WARS / IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS.

  • 1900 — Bradford Boulder and Plaque, Kingston, MA
    Presented to the Massachusetts State Society from historian and author William T. Davis on behalf of the donors (unnamed).

    Pilgrim John Howland's Homestead Site and Plaque, Rocky Nook, Kingston MA1920 — Pilgrim John Howland's Homestead Site and Plaque, Rocky Nook, Kingston MA
    The Pilgrim John Howland Society purchased the four acre site of John Howland's homestead where he and his wife Elizabeth lived from 1638-1672/3 and erected a seven foot high granite monument with an image in relief of the Mayflower at its top. The inscription reads: HERE STOOD THE HOME OF JOHN HOWLAND / AND HIS WIFE / ELIZABETH TILLEY HOWLAND FROM 1638 UNTIL HIS DEATH FEBRUARY 2, 1673 / BOTH WERE PASSENGERS IN THE SHIP "MAYFLOWER" / -------- / IN GRATEFUL REMEMBRANCE THIS LAND HAS BEEN BOUGHT / BY THEIR DESCENDANTS, AND THIS MEMORIAL ERECTED / UPON THE 300TH ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR LANDING / AT PLYMOUTH, MASS. / 1620-1920.  In 1937 excavations revealed the foundation, hearth, household utensils, and a tasset (armor thigh plate). In 1949-50 the Howland Society purchased the 23 ½ acre Joseph Howland homestead across the road. In 1959-60 a dig located what are believed to have been the structures of sons Joseph and James in the new acres. The 1959 dig discovered a rare and uncommon spoon from which a mold was made and copies cast. The latest dig was started in 1998 by the University of Virginia and continues, most recently, for a week each August. A model of John Howland's homestead is displayed in the Jabez Howland House.

    Joseph Howland Home Site, Rocky Nook, Kingston, MA1968 — Joseph Howland Home Site, Rocky Nook, Kingston, MA
    Engraved bolder on opposite side of the road from the site of his father’s house and farm reads: HISTORIC SITE / OF THE 1678 HOME / OF JOSEPH HOWLAND / WHO LIVED HERE UNTIL HIS DEATH / IN 1703/4 / HE WAS THE SON OF JOHN HOWLAND / A PASSENGER ON THE MAYFLOWER / WHO PURCHASED THIS PROPERTY / IN 1638 / ERECTED IN 1963 BY THE / PILGRIM JOHN HOWLAND SOCIETY. Joseph was married to Elizabeth Southworth who died in 1717.




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    For those of you who are curious about whether or not you may be descended from a Mayflower passenger please see our List of Mayflower Passengers and Genealogies Links below. The surnames found in the first three generations after landing are also included.

  • 1992 — Passengers of the Mayflower Plaque, Old Brick Church, Cold Spring, NJ
    The New Jersey Mayflower Society placed a bronze plaque that reads:  “In Recognition and Honor of / THE PASSENGERS ON THE MAYFLOWER / PRESENTED / MAY 17, 1992 / By / Society of Mayflower Descendants / State of New Jersey” in this 1823 Presbyterian Church. Because John and Elizabeth Tilley Howland’s granddaughter (daughter of Desire) Hannah Gorham married Joseph Whilldin/Wheldon and then moved to Cape May Co., NJ, it is said that there are more Mayflower Descendants buried in its cemetery than anywhere else outside Massachusetts. Their daughter Hannah Whilldin married, first, Thomas Leaming. Besides Leaming, following generation surnames include Eldredge, Doubleday, Garlick, Stites, Hughs, and Hand.

  • The official Website for the Pilgrim John Society and the Jabez Howland House, The only house standing in Plymouth where the Pilgrims stayed