Williams Mullins

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  • William Mullins Plaque, Dorking, Surrey, EnglandUnknown — Mullins Plaque, Dorking, Surrey, England
    A memorial plaque is attached to a shop in West Street commemorating the fact that this citizen of Dorking sailed on the Mayflower to the New World. It reads: “This house was the home of WILLIAM MULLINS Pilgrim Father who sailed on the MAYFLOWER to America On 16th Sept 1620.” The house dates from about 1550.





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  • Pilgrim TradesOur Mayflower ancestors were not of “royal blood.” For the most part, they were what we now would call “middle class” people who had to work for a living. Of the 58 male passengers, both men and boys, the trades or occupations of only 32 are known.

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