Society Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as amended at the annual meeting April 15, 2017.

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Colony Bylaws

The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Colony Bylaws, most recently approved at the Annual Meeting of April 15, 2017. 

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The Organization Structure of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is based on that found in the Plymouth Colony. It is headed by a Governor who has an Assistant Governor (now called Deputy Governor) and a board consisting of a number of other Assistants.

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Educational Programs History

The mission of our Society is “To perpetuate the memory of our Pilgrim Ancestors, and to preserve their records, history and all facts relating to them, their ancestors and their posterity … To transmit the spirit, the purity of purpose and steadfastness of will of the Pilgrim fathers to those who shall come after us, and undiminished heritage of liberty and law… To secure united effort to discover and publish original matter in regard to the Pilgrims, together with existing data known only to antiquarians, and to authenticate, preserve and mark historical spots made memorable by Pilgrim Association.” (From Article II, Section 1 of the SMDPA Constitution.) In a nut shell it means “education.” Education must be not only of the public, but also of ourselves.

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Educational Programs

In an effort to bring the true story of spirit, purity of purpose and steadfastness of will of the Mayflower ancestors to today’s youth, each spring the State Society completely funds classroom visits to elementary schools in the Commonwealth by museum instructors from the 1627 living history museum, Plimoth Plantation of Plymouth, Massachusetts. A number of schools have been selected for these visits in the Greater Erie, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh areas with approximately 15,000 third through sixth graders sharing in this experience in the past six years.

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The Most Distinguished Pilgrim Award is bestowed upon Pennsylvania Society members for their exceptional service to the State Society.

The Katharine F. Little Distinguished Mayflower Scholarship Award is a national award given to those individuals who are not members of the State Society in recognition of their meritorious work in enhancing understanding of the Pilgrims and the Pilgrims’ contributions to American life.

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Events Schedule

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Pennsylvania Mayflower Society

The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (SMDPA) was organized in 1896 by two Philadelphians, Francis Olcott Allen and Edward Clinton Lee, who were members of the New York Society. The charter was issued on 14 October 1896. Although its governing Board of Assistants has been based historically in the Greater Philadelphia area, the Society has two Colonies. The Susquehanna Colony is located in Central Pennsylvania in the greater Harrisburg area and the Western Colony is located in Western Pennsylvania in the greater Pittsburgh area. Members are invited to participate in the State and Colony levels or merely through our award-winning quarterly newsletter, The Pennsylvania Mayflower.

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Mayflower Passenger List

Am I a Mayflower Descendant?
For those of you who are curious about whether or not you may be descended from a Mayflower passenger please see our List of Mayflower Passengers and Genealogies Links below. The surnames found in the first three generations after landing are also included.

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