Plymouth Settlers Defy Storm, Visit PA Classrooms

The storm of the century was brewing, about to bring more precipitation than the Blizzard of Eighty-Eight, when two intrepid women reached the Keystone State on Sunday, March 4. The full fury of the storm never came, but "Mistress (=Mrs.) Standish" and "Goodwife Billington," otherwise known as Marianne Kirby and Leslie Allen, interpreters from Plimoth Plantation, braved the elements considerably. We are happy they did.

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Dr. Jeremy Bangs To Be Honored At Annual Meeting

The recipient of SMDPA's Award for Distinguished Mayflower Scholarship in 2001 will be Dr. Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs, former curator at Plimoth Plantation, and recent founder of the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum in the Netherlands. As Dr. Bangs lives and works in Leiden, we will make the award to him in absentia at our Annual Luncheon on January 13, 2001, showing a video tape on his museum, with some comments in his own words on his present research.

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Y2K Most Distinguished Pilgrim Award

Frederick T. J. Clement, Jr. received the SMDPA "Most Distinguished Pilgrim Award" for 2000 during its annual worship service in commemoration of the First Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony in 1621 held at St. Peter's Church in the Great Valley (Malvern, PA) on Sunday, November 19, 2000.

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