Pilgrim Petition Getting Results

A petition on the UCC's web site to save one of the last remaining Pilgrim church ruins in Holland seems to be paying some dividends. The official most responsible for promoting a shopping center in Leiden, where the ruins are, abruptly resigned. City fathers have now asked Jeremy Bangs, an American historian and curator of the Leiden Pilgrim Museum, to submit plans more sensitive to historical preservation.

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New SMDPA Web Site Gets Kudos

"An example for other societies to emulate." ("Dick Eastman Online"

Since the official launching of SMDPA's new web site,, at the Society's Annual Meeting on January 15th, webmaster Joseph Howland Wood reports that in addition to receiving praise from members by e-mail and its appearing as a link on the North Carolina state Society's web site, the site has also been cited in the newsletter.

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Establishment of Plymouth Colony Voted 8th Most Important Religion Story of the 2nd Millennium

Plimoth Plantation(30Jan2000) The establishment of Plymouth Colony by the Pilgrims in 1620 and the 1636 establishment of Rhode Island by Roger Williams were voted the eighth most important religion story of the second Christian millennium by the Religion Newswriters Association which consists of writers and editors who cover religion on a regular basis for the secular media in the US and Canada.

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Lois Masterson Receives Award

Lois Masterson joined our Society in 1964. As her qualifying ancestor Myles Standish, eighth signer of the Mayflower Compact, captain of the militia, was indispensable to the success of Plymouth Colony, so Lois has been crucially instrumental to the running of our Society. She has served as Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Membership Chairman, and member at large of the Board of Assistants. Her knowledge of our Society and of the Pilgrims who form its basis, both historically and genealogically, she has put at the disposal of the many who have sought it.

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