Pilgrim Memorials Around the World

1929 — Elder Brewster Stained Glass Window, Euclid Avenue Congregational Church of The United Church of Christ, Cleveland, Ohio
The Reverend Dr. Ferdinand Q. Blanchard, Pastor 1915-1951, conceived the idea of recognizing seven persons by dedicating to each a stained glass window. The windows illustrate epoch-making periods in Christian history. Each person represented made a significant and unique contribution to mankind, breaking with established tradition and blazing, in some way, a new trail. In order, they are Monica, St. Francis, Wycliffe, St. Joan, Tyndal, Columbus, and Elder William Brewster. Of the Brewster window, the booklet describing the windows states: “VII WILLIAM BREWSTER, 1566-1643, was a leader of the Pilgrim’s group to the New World. The Mayflower on which the Pilgrims voyaged is shown in the rear of the central figure, and the signing of the famous Mayflower Compact by the leaders of the Plymouth Church in Provincetown Harbor is shown in the bottom panel. Dedicated in 1929 the artist was R. Toland Wright. He died before the window was completed and his wife finished the window. In Memory of Clara H. Wood.”

Sadly, it appears that the window was destroyed when the church was gutted by a fire in March of 2010.