Pilgrim Memorials Around the World

Corn Hill Monument, Truro, MA1898 — Pilgrim Spring and Corn Hill Plaques, Truro, MA
Having arrived in Cape Cod Bay, it was here that the Pilgrims drank their first fresh water and discovered a buried cache of Indian corn which provided their first food ashore. The General Society of Mayflower Descendants placed a granite marker commemorating the event atop Corn Hill that reads “Corn Hill – 1620”. In 1900 the Society was deeded all rights to hold in trust of the 50’ x 50’ piece of land.

1920 Corn Hill Monument, Truro, MA
A large monument erected to commemorate the 1620 tercentenary is located at the bottom of the hill. The bronze plaque inscribed “ SIXTEEN PILGRIMS / LED BY / MYLES STANDISH  WILLIAM BRADFORD / STEPHEN HOPKINS AND EDWARD TILLEY / FOUND THE PRECIOUS INDIAN CORN / ON THIS SPOT WHICH THEY CALLED / CORN HILL / NOVEMBER 16, 1620 / ---- / AND SURE IT WAS GOD'S GOOD PROVIDENCE / THAT WE FOUND THIS CORN FOR ELSE WE / WOULD NOT KNOW HOW WE SHOULD HAVE DONE." The taking of the corn by the Pilgrims has led to modern day charges that they stole it and never made restitution to the Indians, a myth that has been disproven by the writings of a prime source, Pilgrim Edward Winslow. Next to the monument is another monument commemorating the longest free flight made August 18, 1929 from Corn Hill lasting 15 minutes and six seconds, surpassing that of Orville Wright at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.