Pilgrim Memorials Around the World

1900 — Bradford Boulder and Plaque, Kingston, MA
Presented to the Massachusetts State Society from historian and author William T. Davis on behalf of the donors (unnamed).

Pilgrim John Howland's Homestead Site and Plaque, Rocky Nook, Kingston MA1920 — Pilgrim John Howland's Homestead Site and Plaque, Rocky Nook, Kingston MA
The Pilgrim John Howland Society purchased the four acre site of John Howland's homestead where he and his wife Elizabeth lived from 1638-1672/3 and erected a seven foot high granite monument with an image in relief of the Mayflower at its top. The inscription reads: HERE STOOD THE HOME OF JOHN HOWLAND / AND HIS WIFE / ELIZABETH TILLEY HOWLAND FROM 1638 UNTIL HIS DEATH FEBRUARY 2, 1673 / BOTH WERE PASSENGERS IN THE SHIP "MAYFLOWER" / -------- / IN GRATEFUL REMEMBRANCE THIS LAND HAS BEEN BOUGHT / BY THEIR DESCENDANTS, AND THIS MEMORIAL ERECTED / UPON THE 300TH ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR LANDING / AT PLYMOUTH, MASS. / 1620-1920.  In 1937 excavations revealed the foundation, hearth, household utensils, and a tasset (armor thigh plate). In 1949-50 the Howland Society purchased the 23 ½ acre Joseph Howland homestead across the road. In 1959-60 a dig located what are believed to have been the structures of sons Joseph and James in the new acres. The 1959 dig discovered a rare and uncommon spoon from which a mold was made and copies cast. The latest dig was started in 1998 by the University of Virginia and continues, most recently, for a week each August. A model of John Howland's homestead is displayed in the Jabez Howland House.

Joseph Howland Home Site, Rocky Nook, Kingston, MA1968 — Joseph Howland Home Site, Rocky Nook, Kingston, MA
Engraved bolder on opposite side of the road from the site of his father’s house and farm reads: HISTORIC SITE / OF THE 1678 HOME / OF JOSEPH HOWLAND / WHO LIVED HERE UNTIL HIS DEATH / IN 1703/4 / HE WAS THE SON OF JOHN HOWLAND / A PASSENGER ON THE MAYFLOWER / WHO PURCHASED THIS PROPERTY / IN 1638 / ERECTED IN 1963 BY THE / PILGRIM JOHN HOWLAND SOCIETY. Joseph was married to Elizabeth Southworth who died in 1717.