Pilgrim Memorials Around the World

John Cooke Plaque, Fairhaven MA1895 — John Cooke Plaque, Fairhaven MA
John Cooke was a son of Pilgrim Francis Cooke An inhabitant of Plymouth until 1659, he was owner of the land at Oxford as well as a resident of Fairhaven where he was the first white settler. He became a Representative to the General Court and a Baptist minister. He died about 1695, and is purported to be buried at Burial Hill [at Fairhaven]. The boulder is in Cook Memorial Park, Plymouth Avenue, Oxford, Poverty Point Area, Fairhaven, and, below an image of the Mayflower, reads: AD 1620 / SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF / JOHN COOKE / LAST SURVIVING MALE PILGRIM / OF THOSE WHO CAME OVER IN THE / MAYFLOWER / THE FIRST WHITE SETTLER OF THIS TOWN / AND THE PIONEER IN ITS RELIGIOUS / MORAL AND BUSINESS LIFE / A MAN / OF CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY / AND THE TRUSTED AGENT FOR THIS / PART OF THE COMMONWEALTH / OF THE OLD COLONIAL / CIVIL GOVERNMENT /OF PLYMOUTH