Pilgrim Memorials Around the World

Edward Winslow Portrait Copy, Droitwich, England1945 — Edward Winslow Memorial Plaque, St. Peter’s Church, Droitwich, England
Plaque with Winslow’s image and a different coat of arms on either side. Reads: SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF / EDWARD WINSLOW / BORN ON THE 18TH . OCTOBER 1595 IN DROITWICH. HE WAS / BAPTIZED ON THE 2OTH OCTOBER OF THAT YEAR IN THIS CHURCH / OF ST. PETER WHERE HIS FATHER WAS CHURCHWARDEN / 1599-1600. EDUCATED AT THE KING’S SCHOOL, WORCESTER, / HE SAILED WITH THE PILGRIM FATHERS FOR THE NEW WORLD / IN THE MAYFLOWER ON THE 6TH OF SEPTEMBER 1620. HE WAS A / FOUNDER OF THE COLONY OF NEW PLYMOUTH AND ON THREE / OCCASIONS ITS GOVERNOR. HE DIED ON THE 8TH MAY 1655. The plaque was commissioned by the Droitwich Town Council, cast by the Bromsgrove Guild, and dedicated on October 25, 1945 in the presence of the Mayor and Town Council, the Bishop of Worcester and Commander Agar representing the U.S. Ambassador. The Rev. William Sterry-Cooper, Vicar of St. Peter’s 1929-1936, in 1953 published a 67-page book, Edward Winslow and had been involved in projects to honor Winslow.

1953 — Edward Winslow Portrait Copy, Council Room, Heritage Center, Droitwich, England
This copy of the original portrait in Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, MA, bears the following inscription on its frame: “Edward Winslow 1595 – 1655 / Born in Droitwich. Baptized in St Peter’s Church there. / A classical Scholar of the King’s School Worcester, / 1605 – 1611. / Governor of Plymouth Colony 1633-34 1636-37 1644-45 / Presented to the Town of Droitwich by the Historic / Winslow House Association of Marshfield, Massachusetts, / United States of America, on the occasion of the / Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II June 2nd 1953 / Copy of contemporary portrait by Elisabeth Weber-Fulop.”

1973 — St. Peter de Witton Church Edward Winslow Memorial Vestry, Droitwich, Worcestershire, England
No traces remain of the site’s original Saxon church. The chancel arch provides a fine example of the Norman building. The church was extended in the 12th century with a south aisle, later truncated to a south transept, which is now a Lady chapel. The south east window contains a very old example of stained glass work. The north transept was added in the 14th century. In the time of Henry VII the nave was altered. Perhaps the most significant memorial in the church, which draws visitors especially from the United States, is that to Edward Winslow, born in St Peter's parish in 1595, and one of the Pilgrim Fathers who sailed on the Mayflower. He served three times as governor of the Plymouth colony, and brought the first domestic cattle to America. The vestry built onto the church in 1973 was dedicated to his memory.

Edward Winslow Bronze Statue, Droitwich Spa, England2009 — Edward Winslow Bronze Statue, Droitwich Spa, England
Located in St Andrew’s Square shopping centre, a bronze sculpture of Edward Winslow depicts him taking his first steps onto land at what is now known as Plymouth Rock with an inscription of 1620. Designed by Sara Ingleby-Mackenzie, the sculpture is set upon a granite block engraved “EDWARD / WINSLOW” and there is also a simple plaque which reads: “Born in Droitwich on 18th October 1595 / Edward Winslow sailed to America aboard / The Mayflower in 1620 as one of the Pilgrim Fathers / determined to start a new life free from religious persecution. / After a terrible crossing with many deaths from disease severe bad weather drove the ship to what is known as Plymouth Sound where it cast anchor.”  The statue was commissioned by Kandahar Real Estates as part of their recent redevelopment of the shopping centre which the company owns.