Pilgrim Memorials Around the World

1915 —  Pilgrim Place, Claremont, CA
Pilgrim PlacePilgrim Place since 1915 has been a home to thousands of persons who have served as leaders of religious and charitable non-profit organizations throughout the world, including commissioned or ordained missionaries, ministers, theological seminary faculty, denominational executives, YMCA/YWCA staff, community organizers, and peace and justice advocates. Serving others is what Pilgrim residents have been called to do. It is what they did in their careers and it’s what they continue to do in “retirement.” This is why such a strong sense of community pervades the entire campus. Every November the annual two-day Pilgrim Place Festival is held. Sixty years ago, an idea was born to hold an “open house” to better acquaint Claremont and surrounding communities with Pilgrim Place. This idea grew into a celebration that annually attracts thousands of people from throughout Southern California and more than 1,000 volunteers. Visitors share in a unique “Pilgrim experience”—fun activities for people of all ages, rides, booths selling a variety of items (including creative crafts), and an authentic  historical drama — “The Pilgrim Story” — reliving the experiences of the 17th century English Pilgrims who came on the Mayflower to found Plymouth Colony.