The Game Mayflower. (1897)
The Game Mayflower. (1897)

Have you ever played the "Game of the Mayflower?" (1897)

An Historical card game which features episodes in the life of the Pilgrim Fathers on their arrival in the 'New World'. The cards are divided into 4 suits of 13 cards and numbered A through D.

All 52 cards are dealt completely out to any amount of players. The player to the left of the dealer goes first and must begin by placing a card numbered either 1 or 13. If the player cannot set a card of that number down then he or she receives a penalty point places a counter in the Pool) and play moves on to the next person. This player can lay a 1 or 13 card down of any letter or may lay a 2 on a 1 or a 12 on a 13 on a matching letter, if the first person was able to set a card down.

Players continue to set cards down by the sequence of numbers on matching letters going forward or backward. If any players are unable then penalty points are given and play moves on. Once the Lettered series gets to 1-6 and 8-13, the 7 is placed to complete the series (only once the 6 and 8 are both played can the 7 be placed across).

The first player to get rid of all their cards, wins the round and scores one point for every card held in all the opponent's hands. The first player to get 15 points, wins the game.

These vintage playing cards from 1897 (below) featured beautiful images and descriptions of places related to the Pilgrims, while offering a peek of how they looked nearly 120 years ago. We have posted these images in extra large format for your enjoyment.

A=1 Departure from Delft Haven

A=2 Embarkation of the Pilgrims

A=3 The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor

A=4 Landing of the Pilgrims

A=5 John Alden and Priscilla

A=6 Treaty of Massasoit

A=7 The Pilgrims Going to Church A=8 Pilgrim Exiles

A=9 Two Farewells

A=10 Gov. Bradford's House

A=11 Plymouth in 1622

A=12 Pulpit Rock

A=13 The Old Fort

B=1 Spinning Wheel; Gov. Carver Chair

B=2 Brewster Chair and White's Cradle

B=3 Standish's Sword, Pot and Platter

B=4 The Oldest House in Plymouth

B=5 Plymouth Rock

B=6 The Winslow House

B=7 The Crow House

B=8 The Harlow House

B=9 Homestead of Gen. John Winslow

B=10 The Howland House

B=11 Grave of Dr. Francis Le Baron

B=12 Gov. Bradford's Monument

B=13 On Burial Hill

C=1 Rocky Shore, Manomet

C=2 Billington Sea and Island

C=3 Manomet Bluffs

C=4 Boot Pond

C=5 Outlet Billington Sea--Morton Park

C=6 Deep Water Bridge

C=7 Almshouse Pond

C=8 Town Brook

C=9 Off Beach Point

C=10 The Gurnet

C=11 Clark's Island

C=12 Enterance to Morton Park

C=13 Standish's Monument--Duxbury

D=1 Site of the First, or Common House

D=2 Pilgrim Meersteads

D=3 Leyden Street of To-day

D=4 Along the Wharves

D=5 Main Street

D=6 Court Street

D=7 Site of the Old Fort

D=8 Monument to the Forefathers

D=9 Pilgrim Hall

D=10 County Prison

D=11 North Street

D=12 The Town from the South

D=13 Canopy Over Plymouth Rock

Reverse of Cards